World Record Attempts


August 2011: Highest 360 Vertical Drop on a Bicycle onto a Target

Highest Vertical Drop on onto a Target 2011Highest_Target_Drop_2011.html

August 2011: Highest Vertical Drop

3SIXTY have registered more than 20 official world record attempts. Under Guinness World Records rules each attempt must take place at a public event.

There are many benefits to having 3SIXTY perform a world record at your event, most notably the additional press coverage and buzz surrounding the attempt. We take care of all the paper work and Health & Safety requirements.

3SIXTYs World record service is priced from just £500 to cover additional equipment, admin tasks, etc and each record provides an average press coverage value of around £10,000!!

If you’re interested in this service please contact us for more information.

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We’ll update this page with each new record we break so please keep checking back...

August 2011: Most rails gapped on Rear wheel

Most Rear Wheel Hops on a BicycleMost_rear_Wheel_hops.html
Highest Vertical Drop onto a Target 2012Highest_Target_Drop_2012.html
Highest 180 Degree Spinning Bunny Hop on a BicycleHighest_180_Bunny_Hop.html

August 19th 2012 at the Urban Games Newcastle: Highest Wall Climb By Bicycle

Longest Platform to Platform Bunny HopLongest_Bunny_Hop.html

October 2009: Highest Vertical Drop

Highest Vertical Drop on a bicycleHighest_Vertical_Drop.html
Most Consecutive Bunny Hops on a BicycleMost_Bunnyhops.html
Fastest Time to Jump 15 Hurdles on a BicycleFastest_Hurdles.html

Here are the record attempts that didn't quite work out. Still great attempts and very entertaining...

Our Official Guinness World Records

This is a very challenging record in the best weather conditions, but when blustery and wet few riders in the world would even take a run at this.  3SIXTY’s Brett Penfold couldn’t quite get the grip to stay on top of the pallet stack but he certainly earned a lot of kudos from the crowd and his team mates... a valiant effort...

This is our most frustrating ‘fail’, the Guinness guidelines don’t state any particular type of 360 degree spin to be used for this record. However, after we completed our attempt successfully they decided they didn't like the technique we used and rejected our claim... Onwards to the next one!

This is a huge 4.4 meter drop, a full 30cm above what we needed to take the record. 3SXITY’s Ian Drummond managed to land with his feet on the pedals but failed to pedal away as required to claim the record...

Brett Penfold taking on another record where no other rider dared, a ladder of 50 rail gaps elevated over 2.5 meters in the air. The whole challenge must take place on the rear wheel which means no stopping to recover or to correct mistakes. Brett managed to clear 46 rail gaps before falling to the ground, amazingly he only hurt his pride....

Where it all started, after years of performing shows for sponsors we decided to launch 3SIXTY. We needed an explosive stunt to launch the new venture and this was it.

A 4.1 meter World Record drop from wet and greasy scaffolding boards, in the wind and rain...

Craig Lambton made 3 valiant attempts but just couldn’t stop his feet slipping off the pedals...

Still an awesome effort which gave the team more confidence to go for all the records above. Well done Craig for paving the way!

More pictures of the jump and the launch event can be seen here...