Team History


2003: The teams amateur venture leaps into the realms of professionalism as team manager Ian Drummond secures corporate sponsorship with Raleigh/Diamond Back Cycles.

150 events are performed supporting sponsored dealers and cycle industry events.

2004: Another successful year on the Raleigh Diamondback deal with Craig Lambton joining Ian for a partnership with fellow Diamond Back pro rider Jez Avery. A UK summer tour is complimented by tours in Majorca and Saudi Arabia courtesy of DAM. Helmet safety events are launched for schools.

2005: Our final year with Raleigh Diamondback starts with Craig spending the summer in Majorca promoting the Extreme Hollywood stunt show and Ian touring the UK with Jez. The summer ends with the whole team touring the UK’s south coast and sealing a deal with the Extreme Monster Truck show for 2006.

2006: Brett Penfold joins the team in time for an extensive tour with the Extreme stunt show. Providing over 160 events around the UK with a display every evening. Ian develops commentary skills by comparing for the full 90 minute performance while all 3SIXTY riders train by day and perform by night. Everyone experiments with different disciplines in the show; car crashes, fire stunts and an array of motorised toys provide great entertainment.

2007: The teams schedule is packed with performing at the Theatrical Stunt Show in Cornwall alongside the usual medley of gala’s, festivals and fetes dominating our calendar.

Our helmet safety promotion for schools are complimented by a more inspirational message of entrepreneurialism and motivation for older pupils.

2008: The team join forces with MAD’s LandRover partnership and operate as the ‘Northern MAD squad’. Carrying out the proven service of delivering great entertainment, interactive coaching and schools promotions. Ian also plays a managerial role in MAD’s LandRover sponsorship deal.

2009: Our second and last season as the northern MAD squad is a busy one, with the usual events calendar being crammed with corporate engagements. Although our season has been filled with the fun and freedom we usually enjoy, the MAD teams structure is changing into a place we feel we don’t belong and  we consider how we would run our own venture. 3SIXTY is born in time for the 2010 season.


Our second year as 3SIXTY brings some huge challenges in the form of bespoke events requiring large invitational competitions and official Guinness World Record attempts.

We accept the challenges, deliver on budget and break World Records. Team one perform every single day through June and July, our longest multi client tour ever...

Team two is established and has an equally hectic weekend schedule through the summer months cementing an amazing year of growth.


Our first year operating under the 3SIXTY banner is a resounding success with over 60 events performed through a hectic summer schedule. Our activities include developing the UK’s first ever GCSE course in Bike Trials and an Official Guinness World Record attempt for the highest vertical drop in a bicycle.

We add 3 new riders to the team and initiate negotiations with sponsors who we will be proud to promote in 2011. An indoor training ground is sourced to hone our riding skills and offer a safe environment to deliver coaching services.

The bookings start rolling in for what looks to be an even busier 2011...


With a steady flow of bookings being taken through the winter months we add a third team set up to supply demand.

More large scale bespoke events are attended and 5 more Guinness world records are successfully broken...

Another great year of growth even though we didn't have a single day at an event without rain! Our all weather display service proved to be very popular...!


Our 3 teams single handedly spiked profits for sun block producers the world over!

Over 300 performances were delivered at more than 100 events and we claimed our 8th Guinness World Record...


Another manic summer provided more 3SIXTY antics across the UK.

The big air service sold out fast with regional councils and the Extreme Tourque Show tour...

Our 11th official Guinness World Record is secured and new bespoke display equipment ensures that 3SIXTY displays are evolving in the right direction...


Another amazing summer of shows at schools, galas, motor racing venues and music festivals...

With so much display work to do we didn't have a chance to take on more world records but hope to plan some soon...

Watch this space!


2016 displays took 3SIXTY riders all over the world, from Irish tours to South Africa and Oman.

All 3 teams were super busy and and can’t wait for the 2017 season to get into full swing...

We all hope to see you there...